The Wicked Wenches Cabaret Presents: The Quest - A Tn'A Adventure!

This parody of popular and beloved Tabletop, MMO, and RPG gaming life will feature astounding acts of song, dance, fire, circus, cabaret, comedy, and bravery!

We are leveling up this show with audience interactive live rolls determining the plot, IRL micro transactions you can participate in to upgrade our performers, and chances to help or hinder our heroes efforts!


Greetings, brave Questers. I am Belzara Pyrocana, Queen of the Sin'do'i, and I need your help.
Our great world of Ass’Erotha has been plagued by an evil known to us only as “Morphious the Dark.” This powerful caster has shattered the Star of Ass’Erotha, our most precious artifact. The Star keeps all of our world in balance and when it shattered Ass’Erotha’s well proportioned, fertile lands begun to wilt and die.
You have all shown great skill, cunning, bravery and courage in your Tarren home world, but now only you, brave Questers, can save us from this evil. Journey to the town of Fingers Deep, where you will complete quests to gather your powers to face this great Big Bad. Now Questers, open the portal to begin your Tn’A Adventure!”

Roll for initiative and get your tickets now!

The Quest A T N'A Adventure ~ Aug 15-17

 Wicked Wenches  Cabaret presents

The Quest - A T N'A Adventure