As Part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival - Wicked Wenches  Cabaret presents Pan's Peter - A Totally Tubular Adventure 

This high-flying adventure is a cheeky Vaudeville adaptation of the beloved classic, Peter Pan!

Wendy Darling and her dorm-mates, John and Michelle, take a break from their exam studies using a ouija board to summon the spirit of their favorite decade: The 1980's!

Suddenly, the total babe Peter Pan appears in answer to their call! The trio gets swept away to Never-Have-I-Everland (N.H.I.E.L. for short) which is totally, like, stuck in the tubular 80's!

Peter Pan, The Lost Boys, and Tinker Bell teach the intrepid band all about how to have fun and make friends in the pop Princess Tiger Lily and the Mall Mermaids, but the Pirate Captain Formally Known as Hook has other dastardly plans!

Tired of Peter refusing to battle him at the annual N.H.I.E.L. Prom, Hook concocts a plan to lure Peter to the dance to finish him off, once and for all!

Who will be victorious? Join us on our adventure to find out!

Pan's Peter A Totally Tubular Adventure ~ Aug 1-10