Trick's on you, Batsy! The Wenches are coming to Gotham HAHAHAHAHA HA HA HA AHAHAHAHAH!

Join us for this adult parody twist of SUPER villainous proportions. It's gonna be a real treat...or trick! Featuring our award winning comedy, cabaret, circus and more!

The Joker wants everyone to have a very, very... very Happy Halloween including his best friend Batman! So what better way to celebrate the Holiday of mayhem and mischief than by releasing all the supervillians from Arkham to go trick or treating? Under the influence of the new Joker Gas - SmileXXX, watch all your favorite characters attempt to find and seduce our caped crusader as they cause sexy havoc and mayhem in this hilarious take on our favorite DC creations!

Trick or Treat, Batman's sweet
On this night I will defeat
Once he's mine,
Clown prince of crime
will give him a great punch line!

Mark your calendars now, Batfans!

Joker's Wild ~ Oct 11-19

 Wicked Wenches  Cabaret presents

Joker's Wild - A Batman Parody