Ballyhoo Revue 

Ladies, Gentleman and Distinguished Guests Step right up - to see The Ballyhoo Amateur Revue!

We at Ballyhoo strive to be a safe, inclusive space for current and future Vaudeville Performers and Producers to hone their many astounding skills. Hosted by first time MCs and Producers; Ballyhoo is the only Amateur Revue both created by and for new performers.

Our Titillating Topsy Turvy Cirque Hurly Burly will showcase the best and brightest of future Vaudeville acts alongside professionals! Local Luminaries of the Vaudeville arts will judge and provide feedback for all the amateur expositions.

See our Beautiful Burlesquers, Amazing Aerialists and Perfect Pole Performers flip, spin, shake and shimmy their way into your hearts.

Ballyhoo Revue ~ Sept 13